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Hotmail Oturum aç | Hotmail Giriş -

Hotmail Oturum açHi everyone, we are back with new tutorial to login into Check my other post to know more about other login. Follow our steps, these step are very easy. I have shown with images for better understanding. If you want to view this in Turkish select Turkish from below. Easy to learn.

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Hotmail is now called as / Msn Com tr. They have got many update and have been designed with more features. It has millions of users using this product. They are one the top mailing system all over the world.

Hotmail Oturum aç - Giris   is a free email service from one of the richest company "Microsoft". It is considered as one of the best successful product of Microsoft. It was released in 1995. It has offered 5GB free space for their customers. It also has provided 25GB for One-drive. This is also an one the product of Microsoft and it comes under storage category.

Hotmail Giris sayfasi oturum aç

We all know that Oturum aç was taken over by Microsoft and relaunched as MSN Hotmail. Later renamed to windows Live Mail by them. They released the final updated project of Hotmail in 2011. Later, is now replaced by in 2013. we will also update latest information about giris . 

Features Of Hotmail Kaydol

Microsoft had Hotmail  Oturum aç as an first Web mail service. There are many more features to its users. So we will see some important features of it. Once you know about this we can proceed to know about logging into Hotmail aç
  1. Free Storage Upto 5GB
  2. 25 GB of Skydrive
  3. Calendar - Used For Reminders
  4. Integration Of Skype
  5. People
  6. Quick views and one-click filters

Steps For Logging Into Hotmail aç

Hope you have learned about the Features of Hotmail com tr outlook ayarlari. Now you are going to look about "How to login into ?" in  with simple steps along with Images. Since Hotmail is moved into, there is no big change in procedure to log on hotmail live messenger oturum aç account. However we are here to help you with our simple steps. Check my below steps with images
1.) Google Chrome 
hotmail oturum ac
Type"" or "" in URL
Hotmail ac
1. Girmek E-posta veya telefon
2. Girmek Parola 
3. Click Oturum aç
hotmail ac

Hotmail Giris

Very easy right ? If you have entered correct Hotmail email and Password then you will be able to see Hotmail Inbox. If you have any doubts in Hotmail Oturum aç ? explain your doubt in comments. I will help you for sure.
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Gmail Oturum aç -

Gmail Oturum aç : We are back with new post today. Hope you have enjoyed our other post. Those post would have helped you in logging in. Are you facing problem in gmail account login ?. If "yes" then you are at right place. Here with our few steps you can easily create gmail account. Create gmail account easily.

Gmail was initially started in April 1, 2004 . This came to public and became commercial on February 7, 2007. It was named as "Beta" by the developers.

gmail oturum ac
Logging into gmail is very easy. Before seeing How to login into gmail? we will see the features of the gmail. These are features will tell you about gmail. You will know the history of gmail.

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Gmail Oturum ac - Gmail Giriş Yardım:

Gmail ac is said to be one of the top email services around the universe. This is one of the product of google. Google is one of the top MNC which provides services to all. If google stops providing services then ," Communication is miserable".

Later it was being upgraded on July 7 2009. Now Gmail has become an universe for all applications. Most Android applications or Web applications require Gmail login.
gmail oturum ac

Gmail Giriş - Best Features Of It:

Gmail is one of the secured email account. It has its best features in all aspects. we will now see its advanced features. These features are said to be unique for it. This means of email products differ from gmail

Security Features of Gmail

Gmail is considered to be an to secured mail services. It has more features ,people love it because of its security feature. You can find below security features for it.

* 2-Step Verification : Users will be asked to once verify this, whenever logged in from an                                             new devices
* Alert Notification   : Users will get the notifications to devices that are logged in all devices.                                        If you find any fraud activity then you can remove that device.

Gmail aç - Adımlar oturum açmanız

Hope you have learned gmail features. There are so many features i have just given you few information. Now let us start to know about gmail login. I have explained steps to login gmail with images. Follow these steps carefully so that you will learn gmail login.
1.) Google Chrome 
gmail oturum ac
URL girin ""
gmail oturum ac
Tip e-posta id & ileri tıklayın
Tip Parola & Oturum ac tıklayın
gmail oturum ac
Hope you have learnt about gmail oturum ac very much. This is the easy steps to login gmail. Share this all people who are looking to login about gmail. If you have any doubts in gmail login drop your doubts in comments. I will help you to solve you problems.
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Outlook Giriş yap -

Outlook giris - Check out my site for easy way to access to the My steps are very easy so that any one can follow it. I have shown with example.
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Then was bought for $ 400 million estimation in 1997 by Microsoft. Then it is released as MSN Hotmail to the market.
outlook ac

Outlook giris - 

Outlook  is one of the best e-mail service provided by Microsoft. It is considered as the world's best e-mail service. It is also said that the world's first webmail.outlook giris kaydol has been best of all. This is then now called  as Hotmail and  was established in 1996. It was founded by Sabeer Bhatia.

outlook giris

Outlook Giris

Now available in 36 languages, Microsoft has released the latest version of Hotmail in October 2011. By 2014, 400 million active users .The Various services are onedrive, office and Skype online with unlimited storage/

It uses Ajax programming techniques such as view other web products and IE, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome support later versions. We can use the keyboard to control the page without using the mouse.
  • Security & privacy
  • Active view for users
  • Calendar For Marking Dates
  • People-Contacts
  • Office Online integration
  • Skype integration
  • Sweep
  • Quick views and one-click filters
  • Aliases

Outlook Aç

Microsoft is one of the best products in all of their properties. Hotmail is the first e-mail service. Here are simple steps to login. Once you learn these steps you will confidently login into the Outlook aç & outlook oturum aç.
1.) Google Chrome 
Type"" or "" in URL
1. Enter E-posta-id 
2. Type Sifrenizi 
3. Click oturum aç
TIP: If you type correct Outlook e-mail and password , you will be redirected log on to Outlook. If incorrect, you receive an error message. I hope you have learned outlook giris sayfasi. Share with your friends and family and help them to learn outlook giris. Sharing is Caring
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iCloud Giriş ve Oturum aç | şifremi Unuttum -

iCloud giris : Are you still facing iCloud login Problems? Check my tutorial with images below for the logging into iCloud. These steps will be  usefull to our Turkish people who need help. Before that, we'll learn iCloud and featues. Everyone know  iCloud is an APPLE product. To View this content in Turkish language click below Google translator.

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They provide service to share documents on remote servers and also offers users to store data such as photos and music. we can also download these files remotely.
iCloud giris
icloud is an iCloud storage and computing services. It was launched on October 12, 2011. Since July 2015, the service has reached about 520 million users.

iCloud Giris -

We can share data between the user to other users. They Support iOS, Macintosh or Windows devices.
iCloud Features
This cloud-based system, share the  music, photos, applications, documents, bookmarks, reminders, backups, iBooks, notes, to other users and allows you to store contacts and provide a platform for e-mail servers.

• Backup and restore
• Email, Contacts, and Calendars
• Find My Friends
• Find My iPhone
• iWork for iCloud
• iCloud Photo Library
• iCloud Drive

iCloud Giris & ICloud sifremi Unuttum Adimlar

Now you have  learned about the important features of iCloud. If you want to learn more about it, check their site for it. You can now follow the steps below to login into the icloud
1 Google Chrome 
Enter url "
Enter Apple ID' and Password

Once you log into your iPhone or iPad or Mac iCloud com, all data will be backed up in iCloud unit. Now you can access the data from anywhere from any device.

Adimlar e-posta id kullanarak Apple ID parolasini kurtarmak için

If you forget your password, no problem, you can get your password using e-mail id. To reset your password, follow these steps. Forgot your password of iCloud check these steps with image. - icloud sifremi unuttum
Enter ""
Tap "Enter your Apple ID"
Type Apple id
Tap  "NEXT"
Tap  "Reset by Email
I hope now you have learned how to recover your iCloud giris and password at the same time. So share this article with your friends and family and help them to learn about iCloud
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Outlook Oturum ac -

Outlook ac : Guys hope you are doing good...? you have seen how to login outlook . Many have commented that you are facing problem . so it thought i could make post on that. we all know that Hotmail was upgraded to outlook oturum ac .


Outlook - Common Problems :

There would be common problems. They are people forget password and this can be recovered by forgot password solution . so use this method and set your password. There are also several problems in outlook.  You will find all these below.

1) Service is Working Fine :

At some time there may be server issue at some location. This can be checked from This will show is there any temporary server issues at your location. If this is your problem then you cannot do anything . You have wait for the server to come up. If everything is OK then you cab check for the next problem is existing or not .

2) Protection of Firewall & Anti-virus :

Guess many of them would face this problem. we have to keep anti virus to protect us for malware . Yes, many of us have installed it. This will cause problem to us. I am not saying to uninstall it. I am just saying to tell browser that  " This site is SAFE " .  Change the settings of  your firewall and anti virus.

3) Update for Browser :

This is also one of the common mistake i have seen people do. This might cause small effect in your mail. Yes , you need check the browser whether it is updated or not ? . Mostly people use chrome and Firefox. For chrome the update button will be as green . Check it and click update . For Firefox  you need to check settings tab and click update.

Still you have not found solution and facing trouble login into outlook kaydol .  So check the below solutions for it.

Outlook ac Issues

Username and password Mismatch :

This is one of the top common mistake that everybody make . i have said before paragraph also.Many people are not good at remembering. If you enter wrong password , then you will get "username and password do not match" , then this show that you are entering an wrong password . Check for CAPS LOCK when you enter password. If still you don't get into login then you have to reset the password for outlook ac .

Your Account temporarily been locked :

This is one of the most frustrating one for all . Evert hing would be fine but you get that your account has locked. This might occur when you have performed suspicious activity. This will be done by service provider. No worried we can recover it. This can be done easily. Logon to your Microsoft account and follow the their steps to recover it. you will get an code , enter this code to unlock your account.

Deleted all emails from the Inbox :

Many of people delete the emails without making an backup. This happens not by intention. this happens only because of carelessness. Sometimes this can also be done by the hacker. Mostly hacker's intention would be to delete the inbox mail. you can recover them easily. Click the "delete " folder you can find all the emails here. select the email and click recover.

Did not get verification code :

Many have activated the two step verification . There might be delay in getting code . Check for mobile number ..Have you given the correct mobile number. Then try again with correct email id. 

Hope you have understood about Hotmail ac login problems. These are the solutions for login problems. If you still face problems then you have drop me an comment.

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Facebook Giriş Yap | Facebook Kaydol -

Facebook Giris Yap - Top 3 Steps to Facebook ile giriş. Hi Everyone we are here to show you how to login into Facebook account. These steps are so easy, so that you can easily login. Fesbuk is available in more than 80 languages. These are used by students in the beginning of the release.Look here for more update on login .

Every year, new features get introduced and everyone goes crazy. Facebook reached a market capitalization of $ 212 billion from 2015. With the help of can chat with other people, texting, videos, images, audio calls, files.
fesbuk giris

Facebook Giriş - Bu adımlardan ile giriş

Facebook is one of the largest sites social networks that have more than 2 million monthly active users by 2015. Facebook'a kaydol website was officially launched on 4 February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his classmates. 

Facebook Kaydol

Now, let's move to  Facebook Kaydol . You could easily access facebook, with or (short). If you access this site from the web browser, ie., Chrome or Firefox or Opera or Safari or any browser. You will probably see the facebook in English. Then just follow the steps below to Facebook Oturum ac. Facebook a giriş yapamıyorum neden ? I have done easy steps for you. 
1.) Google Chrome 

2.) Enter URL ""

3.) Enter "E-posta veya Telefon & Sifre , click "Giris yap" "

Facebook aç - Facebook

If your Facebook email and password are correct, you must be connected correctly. That's all about how to log on to Facebook in Turkish. Start publish or broadcast any photographs / videos with your Facebook friends . Hope you don't find any Facebook a giriş sorunu.

If it is not well with our tutorial image, then you could check our video tutorial on how Facebook ile giriş yap below. We hope this Facebook Giris Yap help. If you have something to share with us, please comment below. Thank you.

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